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Unsubstantiated Allegations Of Quality

Despite my best efforts, some people have had positive things to say about this blog. Here are a few of them:

For those of you who live under a rock in a deep cave on a deserted island, and consequently remain unaware of this, let me inform you that Brent Diggs is not only a hell of a nice guy and a great musician (check out his band DangerCouch) but is also one of the most talented humorists in the blogosphere. His blog The Ominous Comma (in my blogroll) is one of my daily reads and should be one of yours too.

Jeffrey Ellis – The Stinker

The Ominous Comma is a humorist blog run by Brent Diggs, a wickedly funny guy who is extremely talented with his humor and manipulation of the English language. How Brent has inspired me this year is in his unique approach to blogging and through his outstanding wit. Ever since first stumbling upon his blog, I have been hooked and visit daily. In following his blog, I have laughed so hard that my eyes have watered, and that’s saying a lot because I normally don’t laugh out loud.

James Morris – JMorris Online

The Ominous Comma is authored by Brent Diggs, husband, father and ex-marine, whose style of writing is downright witty, imaginative and certainly silly. According to his blog’s tag line “more fun than a mayonnaise enema” can be had. I can’t lay any claim to what the experience of a mayonnaise enema is like, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that the blog is indeed more fun. Plus I really don’t have any interest in doing any extensive research, so you’ll just have to trust me.

Mike –

Brent has a confident style of writing that many may see as snobbish. Those many need to read a book.

I have read many blogs but few have genuinely made me smile, this was one of them.

Well thought out and written…the humor witty and sarcastic. Gives new life to the comma, a normally underappreciated part of our vocabulary.

Anonymous Reviewers –

The Ominous Comma is quite the blog. Funny. Dry, bone dry. Insightful. Satiric. Scathing in a gentle sort of way. A blog that’s fun for a world that takes itself too seriously.

Brad Shorr – Scrambled Toast