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People often point out the many similarities between the Ominous Comma and other popular blogs such as BoingBoing, ProBlogger, and TechCrunch, namely the use of words, images, and occasional punctuation.

Although it’s true that all of us A-list bloggers* provide our readers with prodigious volumes of useful information, the key factor that differentiates me from the rest, in addition to a certain lack of fame, fortune, and five-figure visitor counts, is one of source.

Instead of relying on hackneyed data gathering techniques like research and personal experience, I tend to retrieve my information directly from my rectal regions.

So as you might imagine, I was a bit puzzled when readers began coming to me for instruction regarding the intricacies of RSS. Especially considering the questionable accuracy of information previous disbursed from this site, which includes:

However, in a lingering spirit of reader improvement, I have decided do my very best to expound upon the manifold glory and splendor of RSS.

The expounding begins here

Like many of the new breed of acronyms, there is no universal consensus on what exactly the letters RSS represent, but the majority of punditly-endowed individuals agree that it should stand for Really Simple Syndication.

The presence of RSS is usually signified by a little orange box resembling the international symbol for Hearing Aid in Use. Clicking upon this radiating waveform of tangerine goodness allows you to subscribe to that particular blog and have a feed of its continued postings sent directly to you, to be privately enjoyed in a feed reader of your choice.

The Beautiful RSS Icon of Joy

If you so desire, you can hone your subscribing skills with this lovely icon sitting here, doing its best to represent all of the bursting exuberance and surreal loveliness that is the Ominous Comma.

If you feel that your subscribing chops require further refinement, you may also descend with stealth upon the computers of friends and coworkers and subscribe them as well.

The magic of RSS is what allows community site like, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog, and even to display a list of your latest posts.

Scum and Villainy

Unfortunately, RSS has also enabled the existence of a whole sub-class of humanity known simply as spam bloggers who, like slimy remora clinging to a fearsome shark, attach themselves to your feed and repost it under their own name to gain advertising revenue.

That however, is a rant for another day.

The important lessons to take home from this highly instructive demonstration are:

  1. RSS is your friend.
  2. The Ominous Comma refers to itself in the third person with alarming frequency.
  3. Feed pirates deserve to be flogged, depilatorized, and made to eat pickled chitins while hanging by their toes over a tank of hungry carnivorous squirrels.

Class dismissed.


*Technically, I am more of Ehhhhhhh-list blogger, a Henry Winkler in a field of Ron Howards.


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