A Writing Challenge for Funny Bloggers

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In my brief foray onto the internet I have been privileged to work with some of the funniest people to ever post a blog. Writers of such wit and humorocity that lesser talents are forced to schedule their tears of envy for a time when they are not busy laughing.

Scheduling the Envy

Although they make it look it easy, each of these practitioners of the funny arts has had to overcome many obstacles and technical hindrances that if allowed, would mug their muse and rob the blogosphere of their valuable contributions.

So today I am asking several of these online humorists to share with us some of the technical knowledge and wisdom that enables their art and powers their presentation.

Please note that this is not a meme.

Despite their funny words most humorists are serious people who tend to believe, wrong or right, that most other people are not going to be interested in their favorite color, childhood pets, or in Seventeen-and-half more things I did over my sixth grade summer vacation unless it somehow involves a nudist colony and rabid porcupines.

But a Writing Challenge however –a chance to test your skills as a writer of humor upon a new and untried subject –that’s a horse of a difference folk song.

So here’s the deal, I’m calling out people with a proven track record of humorous writing and technical proficiency to share their wisdom and expertise with us in an entertaining fashion.

These entries can be fiction, anecdote, satire, parody, poetry, or even a transcript of pre-Columbian interpretive dance, but it needs to be funny, entertaining and it must convey useful and accurate information about the art of blogging to those less educated than yourself in its mysterious ways.

You can see my Introduction to RSS Feeds for an example of what I am talking about.

The reward for your efforts, other than the pride of a job well done and the satisfaction of sharing your experience with those less amazingly genius than yourself, will be your inclusion into an elite organization of Living Internet Resources known as the Better Blogging Bureau. As an added bonus, your membership comes complete with official licensing insignia that you may place in your wallet or even upon your blog, informing each and every person you encounter of just how helpful and downright awesome you truly are.

Better Blogging Bureau

And to further make the internet a kinder, gentler place, you will also receive the privilege of challenging five other bloggers of humor that you admire to quit being so selfish with their wealth of experience and trickle down a bit of it to us little people.

To start things off I am hereby throwing down the gauntlet to these highly qualified purveyors of humorous weblogery:

Diesel of the Mattress Police – I am confident that the charitable and educational nature of this endeavor will allow it to slide past his pet…I mean guardian, Grudir the meme-slayer, without major incident.

Mark Reynar of the Skwib – Even if Mark himself is busy, I’m sure that one of his simian minions can handle a piece like this for him without breaking a sweat. This is a good thing because there’s nothing quite like the scent of monkey sweat to thoroughly stifle inspiration.

Madeleine Kane of the Mad Kane humor empire – Who in a bold display of the writing instincts that keep her at the top of her game, has already intuited my purpose and posted her entry entitled Dear Newbie.

Kevin Palmer of Pointless Banter – If you have ever read his Buzz Networker stuff you know that Kevin has the technical chops for this challenge. I only hope that he can take a break from his writing, dating, speaking and breathing schedules to answer the call of the people.

His Lordship Andy Fanton of Lord Likely fame – Between his many web holding I’m sure he can find a place to display his riches of blogging wisdom.

No list of bloggers with humorous technical skill would be complete without Kuanyin of Blog Blonde.

I am also calling out Jeff of View From the Cloud,

Fiar of Radioactive Liberty and Humorblogging.com,

Johnny Virgil of 15 Minute Lunch,

And Bossy of I am Bossy because I have a hunch that she is rather instructive as well.

For those who skimmed over all the good stuff above, the challenge in a nutshell is this:

  1. Write a funny post that includes an actual and helpful technical blogging tip or educational material helpful to new bloggers.
  2. Challenge five other experienced bloggers of funniness.
  3. Post it. (You thought I would overlook that little technicality, didn’t you?)
  4. Link and badge up if you so desire.

As always you don’t have to be handpicked by myself to answer this challenge, every blogger I know is always on the lookout for new ideas to write about and here I have provided one for you free of charge.

Will you rise to the challenge or grovel on the couch of…not-rising-ness?

The choice is yours.

Remember, even it comes with a badge and backlinks, and is foisted upon you like a highschool chemistry lab partner, that doesn’t make it a meme.

It’s a challenge.


Feel free to vote the crap out of this post at Humor-Blogs.com and admire it serenely at alltop.com

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52 Responses to A Writing Challenge for Funny Bloggers

  1. diesel says:

    You’re on, dude. Grundir will sit this one out.

  2. renalfailure says:

    I didn’t get a gauntlet thrown at me, eh? Well, that’s just inviting trouble.

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  4. SinisterDan says:

    Had I posted anything in the last 3 months, I’d be hurt at being left off of your lest.

    On the upside, now I don’t have to do any additional writing.

    Good contest, though.

  5. Alex L. says:

    Well I’m always up for stealing… uh, I mean getting ‘free ideas’. I shall see if I can come up with something, now if I can just get my brain to work…

  6. leigh says:

    you didn’t ask me, but apparently posting booby pics will get you lots of traffic.

  7. Mark says:

    An excellent challenge sir! I notice that you issued it on the very week I was on vacation. Well played!

    No doubt I can get Dr. Tundra out of rehab or prevail upon Professor Quippy to bang out something. Then they can work on this challenge.

    General Kang is on assignment, investigating the possibilities of training Earth simians with hyper-kazoos and flick knives.

  8. Jeff says:

    Thanks for lumping me in with the likes of Diesel. I’m pretty sure that’s a compliment.

    I will accept your challenge as well, if only to try to come up with something as clever as what you have done here… creating a meme that’s not a meme. I’m not sure how you got away with it, but it’s brilliant!

  9. Johnny V says:

    Is there a deadline? I didn’t see one, and I’m hoping there isn’t because I hate deadlines. And that’s some stiff competition right up there in that list.

    I’m not sure about Leigh’s comment. I tried that one time and it was a disaster.

  10. Youthful One says:

    What exactly ARE you saying about your high school chemistry lab partner?!

  11. feefifoto says:

    Do porcupines carry rabies?

    Oh, wait — was that not the point?

  12. damon says:

    I look forward to seeing the entries.
    It’s kind of like an internet cagematch.
    Without the cage. Or any blood.

  13. mac says:

    i’m offended for not being called out, too. i even lived near memphis for a while (germantown, though it was 1980-1982)!
    i mean, we’re practically neighbors! not cool.
    sideways smirk for you :-1

  14. Andy Fanton says:


    Provided his lordship allows me a little respite from the punishing schedule of transcribing his journals and tending to his particulars, I will be all over this like some sort of sexy rash.

  15. Jeff says:

    Ok, you asked for it. Stop on over and see what you made me do.

  16. Maureen says:

    Great “challenge”… Jeff tagged, er challenged me, so I took up the gauntlet and posted.

    I will be sure to link back here as well.

    And Oooh! a shiny new badge to add to my bling page. Thanks!

  17. BOSSY says:

    Bossy has never met a challenge she didn’t like. Of course, she never really met a challenge either, because that’s why god invented naps.

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  24. don says:

    Don’t feel that way RF.

    It’s actually very nice of Brent to let some of the old humor-codgers get one last taste of faded glory before they have to hobble aside and ignominiously finish their careers posting “Our Gang” retrospectives, while fresher and more relevant humor-artistes take their rightful places as the new Gods of the comedy pantheon.

    We’re going to be very busy.

  25. Brent Diggs says:

    A thousand apologies, I had thought your services would be too expensive for this project; I had no idea that you did pro bono work.

    But now that I know, I would be more than pleased to have you join in. I’m afraid I’m fresh out of gauntlets at the moment, but if you’ll hold on I think I have some rubber dishwashing gloves around here somewhere.

  26. Brent Diggs says:


    Normally I would offer the services of Doctor Toboggans to treat any confidence issues that Grundir might suffer from being benched like this, but as you know the doctor is nowhere to be found.

    I know this is serious for G, that’s why I’m trying not to smile.

  27. Brent Diggs says:

    Thank you Dan, and welcome back.

    Sorry you were left out. But I couldn’t really couldn’t tag the entire Humor Blogs roster, at something like 900 members now, it’s more like the yellow pages

  28. Brent Diggs says:

    Yours is just one of many brains lounging around on unemployment. Putting these brains to work needs to be the main priority of…I don’t know, mine took the rest of the day off.

  29. Brent Diggs says:

    I tried that, it didn’t have the effect you describe.

  30. wolf says:

    I took your advice today, leigh. No spike in traffic that I can see, but it’s early yet.

  31. Brent Diggs says:

    Yeah mine didn’t work out so well either.

    But this time it will be different. The only deadline for this is to complete the project some time before your final breath.

  32. Brent Diggs says:

    Just checking to see if you were listening.

  33. SinisterDan says:

    I am in no way hurt, peeved or disgruntled at not having been chosen.

    I was merely being mischievous.

  34. Brent Diggs says:

    And quite mischievous at that.

  35. Brent Diggs says:

    Good of you to join in. If you need some deodorant, for your troops, I’ll be happy to contribute.

  36. Brent Diggs says:

    Glad to have you along, Jeff. But be careful what you wish for, the last time I was “lumped in” with Diesel it involved an angry librarian, matching concussions and a crochet mallet.

  37. Brent Diggs says:

    On the contrary, porcupines are always the point. Along with ninjas, badgers, and sasquatches. Everything else is just filler.

  38. Brent Diggs says:

    But definitely with folding chairs and collapsing tables.

    Theme music would be nice too.

  39. Brent Diggs says:

    People have become more progressive since your time here, but even so we have to draw the line at pink shirts.

    Because some things just aren’t forgivable.

  40. HCM says:

    I guess I’ll have to get rid of your pink shirt, your pink underwear, and your pink tie. It’s a shame really because you look hot in them.

  41. don says:

    You know? It’s the “…till death do we part” bit that I always considered excessive.

  42. Brent Diggs says:

    I know I hid your keyboard. Where do you keep getting these spares?

  43. Brent Diggs says:

    Wonderful. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and some ointment handy.

  44. Brent Diggs says:

    What I made you do?

    Make no mistake, my jedi skills are great, but if it were me forcing you, there would be more typos.

    In truth you did a great job on your post. So good that no one is probably even reading this as on account of them all still being over at your place.

  45. Michelle says:

    Yeah! that is makes sense Jeff.

  46. Brent Diggs says:

    In fact, I’m there now myself.

    (Jedi skills rememberr)

  47. Brent Diggs says:

    See what I mean Jeff? They are even commenting over here, while still over there with you.

    Clearly, I am not the only jedi in town.

  48. Jeff says:

    Wow, this is insane. Right now I’m over at my blog too!

    Hmmm, control my mind you do, yes?

  49. Brent Diggs says:

    Thank you Maureen, I’m glad you rose to the occasion.

    The force must be quite strong in you because my jedi-commenting upon your site went horribly wrong.

  50. Maureen says:


    I’m quite certain there are more than a few typos in my post as well.

    And if you checked my About Me page, you would see that yes, the Force is truely strong in me… I am a Star Wars Geek through and through, so I love your SW references.

  51. B Diggs says:

    Excellent Your Bossiness, I’ll take that as a yes…or possibly a yawn. But it’s not a no, and that is definitely a move in a positive direction.

  52. Brent Diggs says:

    That’s the problem with people around here, they only love me for my references. (sigh.)