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On the internet, an expert is the person with all the answers.

The one who can tell you the best way to start any enterprise, the seven steps required to carry it out, the five benchmarks to measure your progress, and so on.

In life however, a truer measurement of mastery is not necessarily the quantity of your answers, but rather the quality of your questions.

For example:

  • In my life am I making a genuine contribution to my society, or am I merely helping myself at the expense of others?
  • Have I defined what success means to me? If not, how will I know when I have achieved it?
  • What is the cost of blogging, or my lifestyle as a whole, as measured in time, personal relationships, and family?
  • Of all the things I am pursuing, which ones will still matter in five years? Which ones will matter after I’m dead?

The difference between these two approaches, I feel, is not merely the difference between internet and reality, but the difference between knowledge and wisdom.


I know that being a humor site, serious thoughts are not really what you were expecting here. But what can I say, it happens.

Happy Monday.