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Every so often I like to pause the slow creaking machinery of this publication in order to answer certain burning hypothetical questions which, at least theoretically, could be troubling the minds of readers everywhere.

Here we go…

Yes, I’m still alive.

No, I haven’t been writing here very often.

Yes, I still love you.

No, you can’t move in.

Moving In

Yes , I’m still busy fixing this site, promoting the Mind Over Memphis videos, and doing all the things I whined about here.

No, I didn’t run out of ideas.

Yes, time and energy are in short supply lately.


Yes, the Hot Comma Momma is still hot.

No, I will not issue a comment on those awkward burns.

Yes, Little Miss Ominous and her new husband are doing well.

No, I don’t have a counter-point to that statement.

Yes, it’s been a crazy busy year.

No, it’s not over yet.

Happy Monday

  1. If you have to ask, you must be new here.