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Dearest subconscious mind,

I know that we have not always gotten along in the past. I can be, well, a little bossy and you…you have your moments as well. But putting all that aside, I wanted to apologize for my role in certain regrettable events. I’m sure you remember the recent job crisis and how I shut you down and basically locked you out of all daily operations, in a desperate attempt to keep your sense of fun and irreverence from displeasing my master employers.

As it turns out, that was a mistake. Because not only did I lose your quirky insights and creativity, I lost the job as well.

I have a vague sense that there is something ironic about that, but without you to interpret, it’s lost on me.

Anyway, I am deeply, deeply sorry and I welcome you back without condition.

That is, if you care to return.

-the conscious mind

P.S. Even if you won’t do it for me, please come back for the sake of the Comma. The readers seem to genuinely like you and without regular doses of your brilliance, they might turn dangerous.