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Like a superhero team-up, Jeffrey Ellis and myself have recently joined our comedic forces in a comicbook-worthy1 musical collaboration that is equal parts sheer genius and audio delight.2

Mr. Ellis is of course the maniacal mastermind behind The Stinker, a high ranking member of the hierarchy, as well as an excellent source of dietary fiber.

If for some reason you are not familiar with The Stinker don’t feel bad, it simply means that you are a deeply and profoundly flawed person that probably spends your free time kicking puppies and stealing happy face stickers from geriatric Wal-mart greeters.

Puppy Crosshairs

Of course I won’t hold that against you.

After all, if I started ostracizing people for that sort of thing, I would soon be out of friends.

But just the same, you should probably get over there.

I can’t go into many details about the project due to strict confidentiality agreements, but I can tell you that it involves both an Ode To The Horror Of Spring Allergies and musical primates.

And how can you go wrong with that?


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  1. Truth be told, my spandex was a little less than flattering and Jeff kept tripping over his cape. And the bad guys pretty much got away with the doomsday weapon while we were debating the relative merits of Davey Jones and Michael Nesmith.

    Other than that it was an epic adventure of heroic proportions.

  2. According to Jeff’s mom. Your mileage may vary.