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When I first discover I was really excited.

At last, I thought, a network for and about people like myself.

People with a deep and abiding interest in the joyous and rather dizzying field of gyroscopy.


Finally, I had found a forum in which to celebrate gravity, centrifugal force, coriolis effect and the many other stipulations of physics that keep my mind whiling like a dervish.

Without the slightest hesitation I besieged Guy Kawasaki, himself a nexus of conflicting forces, begging admission into this exclusive gathering.

I could tell he was reluctant to let me in on the action by the way he kept sprinkling the phrase “not if you were the last blogger in Laos,” throughout his emailed replies, but still I persevered.

Three weeks and five pajama-grams later he relented and I was finally set to spin.

Imagine my surprise when after a short while I started receiving targeted blog traffic looking for original humor.

At first I was stumped. Where was I going to find this humor everyone was demanding? Life for me seemed to spiral out of control.

But once I stumbled across the burgeoning humor outsourcing market of Bolivia, things took a positive twist. because one good turn deserves more than a bad pun.

But probably won’t get it.


Image courtesy of Just us 3