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Today I am borrowing a page from Joel at Crummy Church Signs, who I trust will not get upset if I accidentally spindle, fold, or mutilate it in my excitement as I present the first, and possibly last, Crummy School Shirt post.

The article of clothing in question was given to my wife, the Hot Comma Momma, as a token of respect from certain unsavory individuals who had previously lured her away from OC headquarters and onto her Adventures in Another Country.

I am not really sure what the technical name is for a promotional souvenir of this type. I am thinking souvertisemet.1

Unfortunately, she would not model it for us, claiming to be in possession of dignity and self-respect, qualities that I have lacked a personal acquaintance with ever since I took upon myself the mantle of a humorist.2

From the first moment I saw this garment tastefully adorning the her HotMommaness, I have been subject to cackling fits of manly, testosterone-fueled laughter.

A Educational Invitation ~ The Ominous Comma

Study A Broad?
Indeed…Sign me up for extra credit.

This post is gingerly sneaking past the Hot Comma Momma to go out and play with its friends at

  1. I had toyed with the name Advenir, but it sounded more like pain-killing vinyl siding for the house.
  2. It was Mark Twain’s mantle and I am ready to return it. It’s quite heavy and keeps leavings splinters in my back.