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So here it is, my first postless Friday and here I am posting.

I know I should stick to my announced schedule, but I am overtaken by a swoon-like frenzy of exhilaration. The source of this stunning oxymoron, is of course, the long awaited return of my woman: Camille, the Hot Comma Momma.

At long last she is returning from her travels and travails abroad,1 and will be arriving at The Ominous Comma’s North American Headquarters in a matter of days.

This joyous event gives me the first happy thought I have experienced in over a month, and I wanted to share that joy with the entire Comma community.

I am even now preparing the ceremonial manacles, which not only symbolize our bonds of love, but should also do nicely to keep her restrained to this continent.

I feel that that we both have learned an important lesson from this ordeal, namely: Don’t ever @$&$# do that again!!

Anyway, to celebrate my overdue return to sanity I am supplying you with this entirely unrelated photographic punishment:

Bad Hair Casebook: The Mullet Files

Mullet Files ~ the Ominous Comma

In which the author and a perilously cute infant hide from secret government barbers, alien baby wipes, and Geraldo Rivera in order to find the lost Formula, which is rumored to be Out There, Somewhere .

  1. Some cynical souls would undoubtedly add that travails are inevitable whenever a broad travels unsupervised. Of course, I would never so much as imply such an unfounded and stereotypical thought. I don’t even know how it got on this footnote. Clearly, a conspiracy is afoot to discredit me with whoever I might still have credit with.

    Be careful, chauvinist blog-hackers are apparently on the move. Hopefully to some totalitarian country where they will be more at home.