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Recently I was tagged as a thinking blogger. This, I feel, is an appropriate label for me because not only am I a blogger, but my mind is also always full of thoughts, usually  along the lines of: “Why in the Google hasn’t anyone tagged me as a thinking blogger yet?”

To be perfectly honest I have never thought very highly of this award, basically because the large percentage of blogs I have seen sporting the badge didn’t fit my definition of thought.1 And besides, considering that no one had ever nominated me for it, how prestigious could it really be?

Thinking Blogger award

But when I was tagged by Spooky, a blogger/artist/thinker that I admire, I was led to reexamine my assumptions about this misunderstood meme. Fortunately, I was able to evade this leading and sneak away to rejoin my assumptions frolicking and cavorting in thoughtless abandon.

My first instinct was mockery. I considered mutating this award with a withering blast of scorn. I thought of renaming it the Sinking Frogger award with a cute little animated clip of my favorite old school video game. Then I thought of calling it the Stinking Clogger award, named after the horrific smell summoned from the dark dimensions of evil by the eldritch ritual of dancing several hours in wooden shoes. I even came up with the Blinking Flogger award sporting a picture of an ugly torturer type desperately trying to clear his eyes of particulate matter, or perhaps covering the tears brought on by his carefully hidden sensitive nature.

Then I realized how much work that would be.

With this revelation a dramatic change came over my mind. Suddenly, I was filled with a new understanding of this highly coveted award. I realized that my previous immature attitude was due to the fact that before I received this tag, I hadn’t truly been a thinking blogger. That freaky golden alien-head badge was not a recognition of inherent qualities, but an impartation of high-octane mental horsepower to the recipient. With my new cognitive abilities, everything seemed clearer and more easily grasped. In fact I am even considering writing future posts in Swahili, just to regain the challenge that blogging held for me before my awarding.

To make sure that someone can understand and translate these new posts, I am going to have to upgrade some bloggers out there with awards of their own. So, without any further ado, except maybe a drum roll….and a nervous cough or two….and maybe a quick snack…………………………………………………I do hereby award the Thinking blogger award to the following highly deserving recipients:

Scrambled Toast for injecting his humor with genuine thought provoking content, not to mention his Words for Nerds vocabulary builder, which I secretly enjoy.

Chogeys United for well thought out, yet funny posts about surviving life in the office hierarchy.

It Came From Allen’s Brain for spiritual thought provocation with a generous sprinkling of humor. I would suggest a full immersion in humor but I’m not sure of the doctrinal implications involved.

Mattress Police. Diesel’s continuing thought for the needs of the Community of Self-Proclaimed Humorous Bloggers, (not to be confused with the community, although there is some overlap) truly defines him as a thinking blogger. Occasional glimpses of introspection like this Easter essay don’t hurt either.

Please note that this glowing and generous review has absolutely nothing to do with the upcoming Humor-Blogs review of my site, let’s just call it serendipity.2

Last but not least, Life in M-Town, in which Jenn posts some of the most serious soul searching I have seen on the web, interspersed with pictures of her daughter.

There you go, what you need to do now (according to Spooky) is:

1. To write a post about the joys and privileges of being a thinking blogger.

2. To link it back to this post so everyone can see that you have been duly nominated for this great honor.

3. Decorate your blog with the badge linked to the post that you wrote. Or better yet, with a badger linked to a liberal quantity of fiberglass insulation, which I would love to see but cannot supply.

Well, don’t stand there gawking, begin posting immediately.

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  1. Call me an elitist snob, but I think that to be a thinking blogger:1.) Your stories should have a point. 2.) Your posts should cause people to think. 3.) Every once in a while your blog should inspire the reader to examine larger issues and/or see life in a different way than before. I’m not saying you can’t do this while chattering on about the latest television episode, or draft pick, or about having your nails done. I am simply saying that most people don’t.
  2. It has been my observation that reviews don’t respond well to long names, so we may have to call it Sara for short.