Breaking the Fourth Wall – An Open Letter to the Internet

Those of you who have reading the Comma for any length of time will probably be aware of my reoccurring struggles with purpose and humor, and how I’ve never really been content to just make people laugh but instead have looked for ways to also inspire and teach and challenge the status quo.

It has taken a while, but with my new Mind Over Memphis project, I think I might finally be on the right track.

Mind Over Memphis Filming

In this new video series, I have found a way to highlight social entrepreneurs, not people with start-ups, but rather people who are upstarts, individuals who look around at the people and the problems of the city and say, “What a minute, I see something I can do to help.”

And then do it.

People who penetrate the Someone Else’s Problem field and become someone else’s solution.

The beauty of it is that I believe all of us can be people like that, we often just lack inspiration.

This is where Doctor Toboggans comes in.

We want you (to get onboard)

In his backwards, fumbling, painfully arrogant way, he illustrates that none of us really need a certificate or a title or a “mandate” to re-imagine our world, just an idea and the determination to see it through.

My DangerCouch partner Dan Baker has joined me on this project and, as always, is keeping production values in line with his high standards and unique vision.

We have started small, just a trailer and three pilot episodes featuring people that I know and trust me and are willing to help me prove the concept.

Once these first episodes air, I am hoping that more and more interesting characters, programs and charities will want to get on board and be interviewed as well, to share their vision and help spread the inspiration.

What I really, desperately need are two things: promotion and suggestions.

First, I need people to talk this up.  To blog about it, tweet about it, facebook-icate about it. (O.K. I made that word up, but do it anyway.) To Digg it, Stumble it, and email it to your grandma. Just get the word out.

If you want to talk about it, great. If you want to repost it, better. If you want to host it (cough cough Live From Memphis ) wonderful.

YouTube Preview Image

The Trailer

Second, I need suggestions, victims, and volunteers. People with a sense of humor preferably, who are engaged in doing good for the people of Memphis.

Talk them into it and please contact me.

Our schedule so far is:

Trailer  – released on Oct 7
Episode 1 – featuring Kevin Gaiman of Nightshade Manor – Oct 14
Episode 2 – featuring Ken Steorts of Visible School – Oct 28
Episode 3 – featuring Guy Cobb of the Tennessee Superlabs – Nov 11
Episode 4 – is up for grabs…

What I want to do here is huge, it’s way bigger than what I can pull off by myself, so I have no problem asking anyone with any sort of social connection for help.

Here it comes: “Help!”

This thing, I hope, is just getting started. I look for every aspect of it to get better and better as we go along.

Thank you for your time and your support.

-Brent Diggs

See all the episode as they occur on and on youtube.

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6 Responses to Breaking the Fourth Wall – An Open Letter to the Internet

  1. Debbie says:

    Sharing with all my friends and family…

    I sent you a couple of links to check out. Please let me know what I can do to help! Nice to see things fall in to place. :)

  2. Ann says:

    Talk to Jorja Frazier at Elmwood Cemetary. You might be interested in their twilight tour in a couple of weeks. Elmwood Cemetery is on the National Historic Register and has quite a history. Who knows you might get some great material. The staff there is keen on helping keep the areas surrounding the cemetery cleaned up. You can see more at their website at

    I am just a volunteer. They can give you all the dirt on the dead.


  3. alberg says:

    I have a similar struggle. Cool blog

  4. They say that any time the author decides to have the characters break the fourth wall, it breaks that magic spell of voyeurism. The audience is no longer spying on the characters, but rather, they are a part of the story in some way. The characters have included the audience in on a secret in some way.