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Recently I wrote about my quest for an authentic Christmas, one free of unnecessary commerce and consumption, one that was more giving, more thoughtful and well…more spiritual.

I also alluded to a belief of mine that offering realistic alternatives to the problems of society is more effective than mere protest. Especially angry, bitter protest.

Or as my friend John O. likes to tell me, “There’s no point in cursing the darkness for being dark if you’re not willing to bring a little light.”

So in this spirit, the Comma clan went to spend Christmas Eve with our people at Lifelink Memphis.

Now I’m not saying that my family singlehandedly brought illumination to the darkened carcass of Christmas present…

But you should have seen my truck.

The Comma Clan and our Christmas float in midtown Memphis

Actually, you can still see that gloriously luminescent conveyance along with a bunch of my friend both old and new in my thrilling account of Christmas at Lifelink featured on the Lifelink blog.

Check it out, you know you want to.

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