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Doctor Harold Toboggans is a man painfully short on charm, humility, and most all other virtues. Due to his particularly aggressive take on empathy and nurture, it is not surprising that he has a phonebook-like list of enemies.

In fact, Victims Of Toboggans’s Ego has its own directory assistance in most cities in order to facilitate the vast number of subpoenas, restraining orders, and other litigation inspired by his expertise.

It appears that one of these many admirers has left the doctor a small token of their savaged esteem.

Doctor Harold Toboggans gets some air


Please submit your captions and I will apprehend a cool vote-counter thing to help determine the winning entry.

The victor will be awarded generous bragging rights and a copy of Doctor T’s podcast: Ridding Yourself of Perfectly Normal Eccentricities and Large Amounts of Currency.