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We’ve had lots of good responses to the Carping Diem caption contest.

We’ve also had some responses by Lynn.

Doctor Harold Toboggans gets some air

I was going to have Mrs. Diesel narrow down the finalists but it seems that she is under exclusive contract to Fortunately for me, the multi-tasking, multi-talented, multi-lingual Hot Comma Momma stopped by to watch me work my magic, and graciously volunteered to pick out a half dozen healthy specimens which you can find immediately below this sentence:

Wolf ’s caption: “The driver of the Toyota, “Comma 1,” was surprised to receive a bill from Dr. Toboggans for “vehicle undercarriage inspection services.”

Youthful One’s caption: “The alarming sympathy you’re displaying stems from the misperception you suffer from that I am in danger of physical harm. Obviously you are unaware of my world-renown, highly sophisticated, electro-magnetic, hyperstatic desensitization techniques. Therefore, we will start those immediately upon your next visit.”

Sherry’s caption: “Giving Birth to a new model Toyota was harder than the good Dr. thought.”

R.J.’s caption: “Brilliancy is seldom applauded.”

John’s caption: “I’ll still be charging you for this session. Oh, and your insurance doesn’t cover vanity plates.”

And Debbie’s caption: “Did they give you a special stupid license today Comma 1?”

Vote for your favorite on this high-tech voting device and, assuming we can avoid hanging chads, we will have a winner by Friday.

This fine example of democracy in action has hopefully appeared on