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The competition was fierce, the submissions numerous, but all good things must come to an end.

And so must this contest.
Doctor Harold Toboggans-funny psychology and witty humor

The challenge looked simple. Take the above image of Dr. Harold Toboggans and give us an appropriate caption.

However, this task proved to be taxing to many would-be-arm-chair-psychiatrist -cartoon-writer-types, proving once and for all that blog authorship is hard work.

Okay, maybe not hard work, but it does require some effort and an unbalanced brain chemistry to do it well.

Anyway back to the captions:

They were all really good and I wish I had a cool vote counting gadget like Diesel so I wouldn’t have to decide these things myself. But one must be selected and I choose…(drum roll please)

Response number 24: “The gene pool isn’t big enough for the two of us.” Provided by Lynn.

It was really funny and exactly the sort of thing the doctor would say to one of his fragile patients.

Congratulations Lynn, your prize shall be 10 pounds of paprika & mustard ice cream and a copy of Dr. Toboggans’ latest book, The Problem is You: Superglue for Your Wounded Psyche. Please send $57.95 to cover shipping and handling.

Thank you everyone who played, perhaps we’ll try it again sometime.


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