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Doctor Harold Toboggans is a man of rare and stunning genius.

Gifted beyond the limited scope of normal human intelligence, he has stolen fire, as it were, from Olympus to light, and possibly leave large burning scars on, the dark, shivering souls of humanity.

At least that what it says on the sleeve of his latest book, Duct Tape for the Fractured Soul: Rebuilding People Previously Thought Beyond Hope, which is available in fine truck stops and reform school libraries everywhere.

Dr. Toboggans has long been the staff psychologist, resident motivational speaker, and official personal development coach of the Ominous Comma. Now, having nearly survived, and possibly benefited, from his compassion and insight, I find myself compelled1, to inflict his staggering wealth of expertise on the undeserving world.

Funny Psychology – Snarking Humor

Doctor Toboggans weighs in with his unbalanced opinion

The Godfather of Arrogantly Funny Psychology

For the greater good of humanity, Doctor Toboggans has graciously granted us permission to publish outtakes and excerpts from his various sessions, capturing the master at work encouraging, mentoring, and assaulting people into exploring their fullest potential, no matter how small it might be.

Doctor Harold Toboggans brings an amazing breadth of education to this site, having not so much graduated as escaped from attending many impressively existing institutions of higher learning, such as the VanDyne School of Fine Dining and Dentistry, the Greater Siberian Institute of Quasi-Intral Gastrology, and the Slugins Center for the Mentally Not-So-Together, although it’s not entirely clear whether he served as an intern or a patient at that fine facility.

Nonetheless, he is here and we simply have to make the best of it. So please grant your closest attention to the doctor and perhaps afterwards he will forge us prescriptions for something narcotic.

The Man in Action

A Timeline of Essential Information

Fascinating Facts about Dr Toboggans

Fan Mail for the Doctor

The End of Doctor Toboggans?

Toboggans Declared Missing

Dr T Spotted in Memphis

Doctor Toboggans averts Zombie Apocalypse

Miscellaneous Sessions with Dr T

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Zombies Annoymous

Toboggans Industries


Keep an eye on Doctor Toboggans – you can never tell what he’ll do next.






Although I don’t understand it myself, some people consider Doctor Toboggans a valuable source for funny psychology and maliciously intelligent humor. If you are one of these unfortunate Tobogganophiles you can satisfy your unsightly addiction with an uninterrupted infusion of Ominous Comma. Subscribe today.

  1. In my defense, it should be noted that my compulsion came by way of impressively large sums of money owed Dr. Toboggans for services rendered to my psyche. Who knew bad therapy was so expensive