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This Thursday is the DangerCouch show.

The only DangerCouch show this year.

It is your single opportunity to see, hear, and if you stand sufficiently close to the stage, possibly even smell the passion and plaid that is DangerCouch with your very own senses.

The Poster ~

The episodes are good, the DVD of last years groundbreaking event is incredible, but to take it all in live as it happens, that is an experience to remember forever.1

It will be good. It will be great. It will surpass all other forms of live entertainment and several types of chocolaty deserts, as it unfolds its encompassing waves of video, song, and non-stop comedy before throngs of jubilant fans.

There are many in this world who have spent their entire lives waiting to catch even the most fleeting glimpse of excitement at this level of this potency and overall concentration. But unless they can make it to Memphis this week, they shall have lived their lives in vain.

In fact, I have it on good authority that intelligent life forms from all over the galaxy will be covertly present in order to imbibe the enveloping ambience of engrossing enlightenment.

That and to scope out earth-girls.

But if you are an inhabitant of this planet, especially if you draw breath in America’s Mid-South region, get your entertainment-starved carcass to Memphis and treat your neural inputs to the manifold delights of maximum Couchness.

Be at the following time-space coordinates:

Thursday December 6th at 7pm
9817 Huff n Puff Rd.
Lakeland, TN

Get a map and directions here.

  1. Unless you can afford a good therapist. If you can’t, I know a bad one you can get for cheap.