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The voting was fierce, the voters were fiercer, but in the end the best man prevailed.

As did the best woman.

That’s right ladies and captioneers, we have a tie. Although in this case, to be more gender neutral, we should probably call it a scarf. Anyway we have neckware and so we must decide what, aside from fighting terrorism, to do with it.

It might help in the decision making process to point out that this particular tie is between Don Lewis of It’s a Funny Thing and Lynn of the blogless legions known only as Citizens For More Comma And Make It Snappy.

Brent Diggs Graduates

Winner # 1: “Another Satisfied DONCO Art School Graduate!”

Winner #2 “Rainbows are pretty, even in black and white.”

To further narrow down the decision, I might point out that while Lynn has offered me nothing but gratitude and admiration, Mr. Lewis has just recently attempted a forceful eviction of myself from my very own blog.

On the other hand however, he does wear a lot of plaid.


“Don really has style.” – Ruckus MacMullit of DangerCouch

Normally I would hand the matter, as well as and both participants over to merciful attentions of Doctor Harold Toboggans, but thankfully no one has seen our own personal pestilence since Don and LOBO hijacked my beloved Comma.

I am of course keeping a sharp eye out for his return.

Mainly so I can bar door.

But enough about him, here are the results for your consideration.


The real question is what do you get two people who have everything, at least in the way of punctuation-based, net-borne, wit-tickling, entertainment.

Personally, I was thinking of a matching set of ‘his’ and ‘hers’ trebuchet tours of the Niagara region, but as always, I am open for suggestions.

And subscriptions.

-Happy Monday and heartfelt congratulations to our winners and every one who played.


Don’t be shy, catapult yourself over to the padded chambers of

Just don’t hit in midair.