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It had been a roll here at the Comma, at least publicity-wise.

It started with Don, who posted his undying admiration for me this humble site over at It’s A Funny Thing. Then the Angry Tuna team1 graciously allowed me to fabricate my own praises in a simply-stunning and mind-bogglingly entertaining interview of hyphenated-hyperbole.

I was waiting to hear from Chris Wallace about my next potential surge of fame, when certain artistic liberties I took in the Tuna interview regarding my work status over the President’s day weekend started coming back to haunt me. Specifically the fact that, despite certain implications I made to the contrary, I might actually…Okay I do… indeed have Monday off.

Unfortunately, it seems that the ever vigilant Authorities of Labor Oppression got wind of this indiscretion, because I was summarily assigned Surprise Overtime.


(A Less-Than-Happy-Saturday to you too, Your Oppressivenesses.)

Anyway I returned home, foot-worn and weary from a hard day of supervisory efforts, and went to drown my sorrows with the normally soothing and highly search-relevant comfort of the Comma, only to find myself assaulted with further indignity.

The discovery that Lobo, that cowardly shart, has besmirched my honor.

The Shart

He mocks my punctuation, and possibly my spelling.2

He blames me for every problem he has, every mistake he makes, and everything that went wrong with his life.

And we’re not even married.

He does seem to have realized the magnitude of his blunder, seeing how at this very moment he is hiding behind the skirts of Lady Terri (or least her ankles)

But that’s not good enough.

I hereby call upon every member of the Ominous Comma Tambourine Army and Thespian Support Team to avenge my honor.

I insist that you give Lobo and his new collection of dust bunny friends What-For. You may also give him Where-For and How-For, but that’s strictly up to you.

This is simply the sort of lack of reverence to our Ominous Might thing we are not going to tolerate around here.

Happy Saturday to you.

(But not the ALO)

I’m also keeping a weather eye on
Whatever that means.

  1. Chris-C and his multiple personalities. Don’t laugh; I heard they’re all cashing checks.
  2. I am helpless without I spell checker. And dangerous with one.