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Have you noticed how much time bloggers spend apologizing for not blogging?

How many times have you read something like this:

Sorry I haven’t posted in the last two days, my new job/unemployment/self-administered lobotomy has taken up a lot of my time lately. But to make it up to you, I promise to liveblog my entire upcoming root canal….

Well let me tell you that life happens. And when it does, sometimes what you really need is not approval-begging excuses, but a support group to fall back on.

You need people, good people. People you can count on, people who aren’t afraid to back you up or refer to themselves by cute animal nicknames, or even sell you wooden drinking cups.

That’s why when I took my blogging break a few months ago, I left with confidence knowing that the humor-blogging corner of the internet was safe in the capable hands1 of my friends Lobo and Don Lewis.

don lewison the toiletDon Lewis with time on his capable hands

So imagine my surprise when upon my return to active bloggery I discovered that although Lobo had held up his end of the humorisphere2, Olympic yak juggler, aftershave test pilot, and all around tough guy Don Lewis had fled the internet like a lisping tobogganeer, leaving nothing but tumbleweeds blowing at his humorium url.

Those of you who have been reading the Comma for a while may remember how this same Don Lewis, and his holding company Donco, once launched a hostile takeover of my blog. Back in those days Don seemed to think he could handle two high caliber humor blogs without breaking a sweat. Now somehow, the number of blogs Don is capable of handling seems to have dwindled to zero.

This is a mystery worthy of Leonard Nimoy and I have sworn to get to the bottom of it no matter how dark, smelly, or generally unwiped it may proved to be.

That’s why I am going to drive Don Lewis to the surface using the most dastardly means at my disposal…

This video:

The concept is simple one that I learned in my Marine Corps days, I will punish everyone, everywhere with these merciless videos until Don Lewis comes forward.

Anyone with information regarding Don’s whereabouts will be rewarded with earplugs.

Start talking.

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  1. Please don’t ask what those hands are capable of, it would only make you an accessory.
  2. For the more literal minded readers, who are no doubt wondering at this very moment how a sphere can have an end to uphold,  just wait until you try to figure out which corner Unfinished Rambler has peeing in.