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Although we are nearly a decade into the twenty-first century, this week marks the true end of an era.

My grandfather, Clarence “Buck” Diggs, died this week, mere days away from his 102nd birthday.

Something of a legend in the lumber towns of northern California, Buck was a larger than life figure. He was a friend to many and an inspiration to all.

The world will be a lonelier place without him.

Buck and Brent

Right now I am traveling back to the west coast and will be out of contact for a bit, but her loveliness, Camille the Hot Comma Momma will be answering comments, slaughtering spam, and generally showing me up during my brief absence.

Next week I will return to coat the inter-waves with more top notch nonsense. Until then, you may keep yourselves busy by exploring the archives, both here and at DangerCouch, discovering the new Ominous webpages, devouring all the really nice things Don made up about me over at It’s A Funny Thing, and shining the light of readership upon the shadowy figures gathered at

Happy Friday