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Although you wouldn’t know it from reading this blog, recently the interwaves have been awash with interviews, interventions, and other interaction of my various web-projects outside or our beloved Comma.*

And so in a last minute attempt to wrap-up the year and perhaps atone for a certain deficit of attention applied to this site, please allow me to bring you all gently up to date on the activities of various Ominous characters outside these hallowed screens.


Kicking things off with a bold experiment in bad judgment as well as bad taste, was the infamous LOBO who interviewed Doctor Harold Toboggans over at Predator Press.

Poor Judgement

Not to be outdone, the intrepid Justin and Jerod also interviewed the Doctor (as well as the DangerCouch crew) on their Shut Up and Listen podcast,

Shut Up and Toboggans

And last but by no means least, Dave Barger and the Lunaweb crew interviewed me on the Social Media Expedition podcast.

I won’t lie, I was really excited about my first face-to-face interview. But sadly even this brief moment in the sun was clouded by the seemingly unavoidable presence of Dr Toboggans.

Unbelievably, he stormed the building, confiscated my microphone, and proceeded to cast aspersions far and wide.

He even stole my photo op.

social expedition of doom

I was lucky to escape with my sanity.

I had thought that kicking him over to would free me from the curse of contact with that walking testament to narcissism.

I was so naive.

Fortunately, I found solace in the 9+1 Songs of Christmas, hosted and performed by DangerCouch.

9+1 Songs of Christmas

Otherwise I might have ended up much like Guy Cobb, left to the minuscule mercy of our devious Doctor.

But I guess that’s enough commiserating for now.

Here’s wishing you a happy and Toboggans-free New Year.




*Yes friends, its your Comma too. Speaking of which, have you seen its grades?…