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I have been doing a lot of writing this week. Unfortunately, not much of it has been for this site.

Finals and new-job paperwork has consumed my valuable writing time, so those of you hoping for my usual polished posting precision1 are speedily heading for disappointment.

But for those of you still reading, I am stooping to the ultimate in vanity and desperation: I am posting my homework.


As “chairman” of my assigned history study group, I was tasked with evaluating and summarizing our group’s accomplishments over the course of the semester. Being fairly well patience-depleted with this class in general and this instructor in particular, I could no longer pretend to take my job of self-evaluation seriously.

If you had the questionable fortune of meeting my professor you would be as amazed as I am at the self-restraint exhibited in the following submission, which I turned in last night.

Brent Diggs
History 2010

Group Evaluation

Group Name: The Historians.

Initial Members:
Brent Diggs
G. Flood

Surviving Members:
Brent Diggs
G. Flood

Sharelle and Fabian faded fast. So fast in fact that I didn’t get a chance to even record their last names. They dropped this class like a radioactive barbell. Mr. Flood on the other hand stuck it out and was very helpful in jeopardy matches, off-campus study sessions, and presenting our lesson, which was chapter 11.

Mr. Diggs provided unmistakable leadership to his ever-diminishing group of scholars, and often served as liaison between the professor and the rest of the group in narrowing down assignment parameters, and generally figuring out what’s what.

As a group, the remaining Historians are superior to other groups in the class, and are really nice people as well. Let me as add that with 50% drop rate, Mr. Flood and Mr. Diggs did a full group’s work without reinforcements or complaint. A more ready example of A-worthiness can simply not be found.

The moral of the story is this: if you find a humorist in your class don’t tempt him with ridiculousity, he’s sure to take the bait.

Keep up your captions coming for the big-time graphical funniment contest and I will try to have some finalists narrowed down by Monday.

If you’re jonesing for some homestyle humor goodness, be sure to investigate

  1. No such competence exists, but it’s alway fun to fool the first-timers.