Forbes Memphis Misery – Mind Over Memphis: Episode 6

In the now infamous Forbes article, Memphis was declared to be the third most miserable city in America. For therapist Dr Harold Toboggans this came as good news, for in his school of psychiatry, misery equals money.

Join the good Doctor as he takes to Beale Street and interviews some St Patrick’s Day revelers about their views on the true misery level of Memphis.

YouTube Preview Image

Forbes Memphis Misery

And in two weeks…Church Health Center intervention part three: The Center Strikes Back

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5 Responses to Forbes Memphis Misery – Mind Over Memphis: Episode 6

  1. Sharon says:

    LOL …. and I thought “memphis blues” was just about the music :)

  2. Andy says:

    Very funny stuff, much better than Forbes’ “journalism.”

  3. Cypress Wood says:

    Youre right. Mephis is a miserable place. I became depressed just driving through it. Their highway systems are pathetic.

  4. Real Deal Poker player says:

    It’s about the music and the whole place really by the look of things Sharon!

    Glad I don’t live somewhere like that, us poker players have to deal with looking miserable at the tables never mind during the rest of our existence. lol