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This past weekend I took a brief vacation with my family to St. Louis in order to relax in the tranquil and rejuvenating shelter of a major amusement park. I find that nothing clears my head and motivates me to return to work like high prices, pressing crowds, and chronic motion sickness.

As a unexpected bonus for our patronage we received an unsought addition to our family.

A free gift ~ the Ominous Comma

Although we weren’t really in the market for another child, the fact that there was no charge for the little bundle of joy caught my attention, and so we decided to see what the park had to offer in the way of complementary offspring.

Their selection was less than generous, all the brand name kids were already gone, but we finally settled on a reliable looking generic child to call our own.

Generic Child ~ the Ominous Comma

I am still wondering where these kids come from, I guess the park staff gathers up all the unclaimed tykes each day and hand them out toward the end of the season.

We’re pretty happy with ours, I’m thinking of calling her Number Four.

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