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Ever since we acquired our generic child, I have been keeping an eye out for an appropriate child care facility for a small person of her caliber, on the off chance that I am called away to receive a prestigious writing award. Or perhaps a job.

I had almost given up hope of ever finding such an institution when I came across this upstanding example of generic child care.

Generic Child Care ~ the Ominous Comma

It meets the most stringent requirements of a discerning parent like myself:

  • It has a sign.
  • It is accessible from a paved road.
  • It is adjacent a Chinese restaurant.

More Generic Child Care ~ the Ominous Comma

I know that some parents would insist on expensive extras, such as a city license, meals prepared the same week, and perhaps an exclusively non-psychotic staff, but I am just not that shallow.

I want our new child to be able to see beyond fancy labels and advertising, and at Generic Child Care, her view should be unimpeded.