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Do you know what I miss?

I miss not blogging.

funny meter

What I mean by that is that I miss the sense of possibility and expectancy and wonder that I felt when I was first studying up on blogging, back before I launched the Ominous Comma.

In those days I was reading lots of books on writing, and lots of blogs trying to figure things out.

I read Steve Pavlina because he was talking about making a living following your passion, and I read The Sneeze and Defective Yeti because they were the only funny blogs I could find at the time.

But once I launched, I discovered is that blogging is a lot of work. Consistently writing your best humor is even harder.

Over the last year and a half, discipline has replaced excitement and my sense of wonder his given way to a constant, annoying awareness of traffic and ranks and stats.

So I’m taking a break.

Looking back, I see that my whole life has been a constant process of self reinvention, with the last two stages being DangerCouch and The Ominous Comma.

But I’m not quitting, not by a long shot.

I’m plotting, I’m hoping.

I’m dreaming.

Be back soon


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(If you would like to be informed when I return, I would only too happy to do that either by email or in a feedreader.)