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Welcome to part two of my continuing response to ploop, who by challenging my previously dormant memeing ability, has stirred up a beaver’s nest of ego, links, and spurious content.1

In part one of this meandering rumination, we pushed through a densely tangled jungle of tangents, rabbit trails, and the occasional red herring before finally stumbling across a point. It may not have necessarily been the point, but since it was the only one to appear, everyone was greatly relieved just to find it.

In that sanctuary of relevance we explored several almost-plausible strategies for winning an argument before throwing open the gates to receive random debate-ending insight from readers of the Comma.

You can examine those pearls of wisdom here.

Now, in a desperate attempt at closure, I am including a hopefully ploop-worthy chart, in the hopes of further confusing the issue with unsupported opinions and other punditry.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I am pro-rateing this one to 652 words, 4 slang idioms, and associated punctuation.


Argument Graph


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  1. I fully realize that a typical response to anything called ploop would usually involve soft paper products and a lot of flushing, but the typical is not something that usually happens around here.