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Dear subconscious,

As you may know, I recently read about the late Barbara Cartland, a prolific romance writer, who routinely gave detailed instructions to her subconscious regarding the creation of plots, characters, and writing in general, and then would go off to sleep. The next day when she sat down to write, it was there. The good stuff. All ready to go, prepared by her subconscious, who had labored far into the night, long after everyone else had dropped off to sleep, diligently proving its worth to Cartland’s collective mind.

This story made me realize just what a cushy a arrangement you have around here.

I pay the bills, I do the taxes, and I pay attention during all the sales meetings. Meanwhile, you’re off in a daydream somewhere, navigating a Viking ship through a sea of lemon jello icebergs.

Hmm…since jello has such a high surface resiliency, and an equally high impact absorption capability, the likelihood of sustaining any damage in such a crossing would be reduced by 98%. Even further if you factor in–

Hey wait!

I’m not falling for the distraction thing again. It’s about time you pulled your own weight around here and it’s going to start today. So get busy on something brilliant. Something really exciting like, uh…quadratic functions. No, not that. How about, um…the logical ramifications of…insect migration through…No, no! That‘s all wrong.

Alright, just surprise me. But make it good.

See you in the morning.

Unavoidably yours,
-Your conscious mind.

Special thanks to Roann Mathias for her contribution of research for this piece. If you have any interest in calligraphy or calligraphy instruction, you would be an utter disappointment to yourself if you did not immediately check out her work here.

Go ahead, we’ll be right here when you come back.