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Due to my upcoming graduation, my parents are flying once again to the lovely swamps of Memphis, an event that hasn’t happened since my favorite spouse graduated last December.

But even though apart, we have kept our relationship strong with the help of regular correspondence, mainly originating from their end.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a small sampling of that postmarked concern.


Mom and I are very sorry to hear that you have a blog. I can only imagine how scary it must be for you to have to face this. Please see a specialist right away.

Praying for a swift recovery.

Your Dad



I just wanted you to know how much your mother and I support you in this struggle with your blog. We hope it is not malignant.

Have you had it tested yet?

Love Dad



Just a note to let you know that your mom and I have found a support group, Parents of Adult Children With Blogs. All of us are pulling for you to get better.

Some people at the group say that meditation can really help.



Dad is consulting a Blogologist over the puzzling matter of, and a phrenologist about the irascible enigma that is


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