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Sorry friends, no funnies today. I am finishing the roof, studying for finals, and……

preparing for graduation.

That’s right Comma fans, your Author is mere weeks away from a genuine college diploma, and with it in hand I will have more time to blog. I mean more time to spend with my family, and of course to see to long overdue household maintenance chores.

And write.

And catch up on all the movies I missed.

And possibly romance the Hot Comma Momma.

But they are no guarantees on that last one. I am after all, a highly educated man with my mind set on the nobler pursuits of culture, refinement, and chasing my wife about the house while laughing maniacally.

But I might pencil in some romance. If I think of it.

Happy Tuesday.

P.S. You can find an interesting carnival of humor at Mad Kane’s Humor blog. While you’re there you might also vote for my submission. ( I could win a prize.)


It wasn’t my fault, made me do it. issued the double dog dare.