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Dear readers, I am writing this note hoping to clear up some of the mystery and confusion that despite my best….average…occasional attempts at clarity still seem to blanket this site like a freshly fallen snow, often piling up in drift of raw enigma, sending traffic skidding out of control across all lanes of the information superhighway .

Having already generated more than enough questions with my previous few posts, I am going to do my best to be a responsible citizen and reduce my interrogative footprint1 by cutting straight to the answers.

Yes, I screwed up the Name That Quote mini-contest. – It seems that in order to get accurate responses on this sort of thing it helps to put forth the correct quote. So to correct this grievous error, the real and proper quote is:

“Yes. We’re in it.”

And as a little something for your trouble, you can find a hint located here:

Laundry Day

Click Me for a Clue

Yes, I finally finished that poor overlooked wooden step from my Home Maintenance Vacation – without much pain, suffering or loss of digits on my part. – I’m no Don Lewis, but I can do modest woodwork when I put my mind to it. And get off the computer. And assemble all the right tools. And am trying to impress my wife.

The finally finished wooden step

The Proof

And finally,

Yes, that’s me onstage singing in that last video. With my friends DangerCouch, who are wanted in several states for drum rustling.

DangerCouch live on stage and out of control

Which is not only embarrassing, but also threatens to raise even more questions. Questions which I will attempt to dispatch before they can escape the nest.

  • Yes, I’m in a band.
  • No, we don’t thoroughly suck.
  • Yes, that much plaid in one location does violate both zoning ordinances and international treaties. I know.

Although there are probably more questions out there, that’s all the words we have for now.2

Happy Tuesday.


E Plurbis Votem Me un – I’m on it.

  1. There is an endangered supply of original questions in this world, with most of the ones you encounter being hackneyed variations of: Who, What, Where, When, and How Much is That in American Money.
  2. As a lesser known part of the Patriot Act, all internet publications are subject to strict word rationing except for those that actively support the war effort by supplying partisan politics or celebrity gossip.