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On April 24th Doctor Harold Toboggans, a previously thought fictional figure, made a live appearance at the third annual Memphis Zombie Massacre to promote his latest therapy product Zombies Anonymous.

Zombie Therapy

It was a big hit as far as these things go, breaking all approval rating records among the unreal as well as the undead.

The overall course of the evening was as follows:

He came

Dan Baker and Harold Toboggans

He saw

Doctor Harold Toboggans at Memphis Zombie Massacre

He cured

Doctor Toboggans cures a Memphis zombie frame

He also received a great deal of praise as a humanitarian. Mostly from himself:

However, upon meeting the brave souls of the Shelby Memphis Zombie Response Force, some ulterior motives were revealed:

Between bloodthirsty zombies and ruthless vigilantes, how Doctor Toboggans came out unscathed is a profoundly saddening mystery. The very worst part, at least for me, was this moment here when at last I thought I was rid of him….

Only to be denied.

I have lot’s more Memphis Zombie media hidden in safe locations across the internet, but you look like a trustworthy bunch so I’ll let you know it’s here, here, here, and here.


The good Doctor also gives his own account of this incident at
The Adventures of Doctor Harold Toboggans

Happy Friday

Photo credit JLR Photography Video credit Dan Baker