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Friends, the moment we’ve all dreaded and feared has come upon us at last. Therapist, egotist, and professional fashion victim Doctor Harold Toboggans has finally released his new video series Mind Over Memphis.


“Don’t hate me because I’m tacky”

In this bold new experiment in full-motion arrogance, Dr Toboggans takes upon himself to “rehabilitate” the artists, activists, and philanthropists of Memphis and put them back on the path of passivity and therapeutic dependence.

All while charging a sizable fee, I’m sure.

If you’re feeling brave*, and haven’t recently eaten, you can watch the series preview here:

Mind Over Memphis Preview

Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have it on good authority that three unsuspecting victims have already fallen prey to the Doctor’s overpriced malpractice and will “star” in upcoming episodes.

These poor souls are:

  • Kevin Gaiman of Nightshade Manner
  • Ken Steorts of Visible School
  • Guy Cobb of the Tennessee Superlab Show

My heart goes out to them all.

Sadly, this is not the first time Memphians have fallen victim to the Doctor Toboggans and his wiles.

After all, who could forget the Cooper Young Fest Fiasco?

highlights thumb

Or the undead abuse at the Memphis Zombie March?

zombie therapy thumb

Clearly this man is a menace to the city and should be, if not stopped, at least watched.

One episode at a time.

*I assume no responsibility for any nausea, seizures, or mental anguish that may result from unfiltered Toboggans exposure of this sort.