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Hello friends, I’m back.

I appreciate all your comments and well-wishes regarding my grandfather and his recent departure from mortal affairs.

You can learn a lot about a person at his funeral…especially if people tell the truth

My journey back west went well. It was a good time with my extended family and also quite educational. As you might imagine, you can learn a lot about a person at his funeral, especially if people tell the truth.

There were stories told of his compassion, and of his temper. That grandpa was a character was a fact well established by all in attendance.

One thing that took me by surprise though, was my discovery that he was not born in Oklahoma as I always believed, but rather in Indian Territory as that region was known prior to its induction into the hall of statehood.

I had realized, at least in an academic sense, that in a hundred-and-one years a man would see a lot. Slinkies, the Beatles, World War One and Two, not to mention the invention of just about everything we know. But it never once occurred to me that when my grandfather was busy being birthed, America had yet to discover the optimal number of states to unite.1


Insert Sooner Joke Here

Anyway, I made it to California and back safely, only briefly impinging upon the sixty mile no-fly zone surrounding Dieseland, while deftly complying with his multiple restraining orders against me. Fortunately I maintained a sufficient distance to prevent our matter and anti-matter from colliding, allowing us all to continue our current un-annihilated existence.

A double existence some would say, considering that even as I talk here with you, I am simultaneously being interviewed by Chris-C over at Angry Seafood. You need to travel there immediately so that you may hang on every word I say.

Once you’re finished dangling on these choice syllables, of course.

Happy Friday.

—– is too tired to have a catchy end-sentence from me.

Gratuitous display of Humor de Memphis.

  1. That number would be fifty for those of you who managed to sleep though both history and geography.