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Do you feel that in the air? Right below the humidity, a little to the left of the bugs? Yeah, right there.

That’s anticipation.

It occupies the atmosphere tonight, not for any of the usual reasons like air-traffic gridlock or chronic Phil Collins exposure, but because tomorrow my daughter returns home.

Little Miss Ominous

That’s right friends and neighbors, in just a few brief hours1 Little Miss Ominous will return from her five month Gone and Exceedingly Absent world tour.

To celebrate her homecoming, the Hot Comma Momma and I have procured a fine meal, released Dwayne the engagement rock from the vault, and enjoyed a long delayed nervous breakdown.

As you might imagine, we’ll be a little busy this weekend and will be leaving the interwaves to their own devices. Feel free to chat among yourselves and I’ll see you again soon.

Happy Friday

  1. As I’m sure you all remember from your classes in skivics, femistry, and the other undergarmental sciences, Brief Hours cover a bit less time than Boxer Hours but substantially more than Speedo Hours.