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Dear conscious mind,

I received your recent letter, but lately you’ve been very busy with all of your constant deciding, and planning, and basking in your own importance. So busy, that I have been completely unable to get your attention. So I thought I would write you a letter of my own.

First of all, let me remind you that you are a great part of our person, with many fine qualities. You are very logical and methodical. Without you we would have never passed those math classes. But, what you seem slow to realize is that we are no longer in math class, we are in the writing room, and in here what I need you to do is to stop your endless critical posturing and let me do my work.

As the creative partner in this firm, allow me remind you that my role here is to invent, and fabricate, and well…create. And I do my part with an ease that you could only dream of, except for the small fact that I do the dreaming as well.

I would think that after all these years of working together, even a pompous ego-fragment like yourself might stumble upon the realization that you simply cannot edit what has not yet been created. But, like a malpractice-destined surgeon attempting to operate on a long distance runner at the mid-point of the Boston Marathon, you continue to race after my beautiful ideas, hoping to dissect them before they have ever had a chance to live. Pathetic does not even begin to describe you.

Anyway, I’ll be working in here, so feel free to wander off and calculate something. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

-Your subconscious.