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I know what you’re thinking.

Most of you are thinking that I am about to provide you with another installment of the unexpectedly thrilling economic recovery series, Buck-O-Quest.

Some of you are thinking how you promised yourself to never again let a man toy with you in this fashion.

One of you1 is thinking that that at this critical juncture, he could really use a whipped-cream and herring sandwich.

But I have something better.

That’s right, a field trip to where I have deposited a minty-fresh guest post upon the fine art of writing humor.

I know it’s a bit recursive, a humorist writing about writing humor, but at least I didn’t write about the humor of writing about humor, because that would just be tacky.

Unless you’re an editor in the market for that sort of thing, in which case it happens to be a specialty of mine.

Anyway, let’s all form a single-file line, no pushing or shoving, and we’ll all meet back here this weekend for a surprise treat.

Happy Almost Friday


Don’t wander off or the principal will send you to

  1. Ronald Snodberger of Thincrust Wisconsin