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Today we interrupt the near ceaseless flow of comic mayhem that normally clogs these portals to bring you exciting news of great relevance to the humor writing world.

My friend Bill Snodgrass is taking submissions for a book of faux-scientific ninja humor to be published under his imprint Double-Edged Publishing.

Everthing is Ninja

Better known in the speculative fiction genre, Double-Edged is looking to branch out a bit into humor and this means an opportunity for me…us.

I know what you’re thinking, “Brent, you had me at ninja…” but hold on there are a few stipulations:

You will not be paid for your story.

You will not receive a free copy of the book.

But on the other hand, if accepted, you will be a published author and can plug your blog or other writings in your piece, and you won’t have to bribe anyone to print your brilliant literary achievement (again).

Go to for further details.

And for your writing inspiration please enjoy this ninjastastic video masterpiece by my band DangerCouch, the first and last name in musical ninja throwing star related injury.

What are you waiting for? Get cracking.

Don’t be a selfish twit. Let everyone know about this great opportunity by voting the phlegm out of it on