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Fifteen months ago, in an attempt to reward those individuals displaying the taste and distinction to comment upon this site, I converted the Ominous Comma to a Dofollow blog.

Simply put, this means that every comment upon this site would add a small but cumulative addition to the originating site’s google ranking, allowing them to leverage their site’s visibility in the search results one comment a time.

Sadly, all this had done is inspire a host of nearly-random comments from people running real estate and merchandising pages, which would be alright had the remarks in question not revealed that these individuals were not really reading the stories and basically had no idea what the rest of us were talking about.

Well, no more. Dont Follow I’m done bribing people to spam me. With some twenty three thousand spam comments so far, I really don’t need any help in that regard.

So I’m pulling the plug. More precisely, I’m pulling the plugin that allowed my precious google juice to shower my commenters with clout, which now that I’ve typed that out loud, makes me wonder why anyone would ever put up this that sort of thing. You people are some kind of twisted.

Anyway, for my dear friends who come here to make meaningful contributions to our ongoing conversation, all this will mean to you is that there will be fewer virtual three-years-olds pulling at our pant legs, or possibly kilts, to interrupt us in order to proudly state the obvious.

“Doctor Toboggans’ mustache fake you say? Good heavens! Wherever did you get that idea?…Clue-Mart?”

Alright, the rant is over. As well as the handout of page rank.

See you again soon.