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We interrupt your normally scheduled guest blogging adventure to bring you this Toboggans Search Update, somewhat live from the neon-illuminated wasteland of Northern Nevada.

Toboggans Search Update

The road to Toboggans1 has been a twisted and tangled one, fraught with peril and roadside urination. Danger has been my constant companion, often taking up the entire back seat of my rental vehicle.

Ominous Offspring - Danger!

The thrilling details of this epic journey will make someone a great post someday, but for now let me leave you with a few snapshot from the road.


Child Exhaustion Device

The most ingenious video game ever invented. No buttons, no joystick, no coordination. Just jumping, jumping, more jumping and then your child’s blissful collapse into exhaustion.


Tranquilizers Required

Travel Tip Number One – Never, ever forget the tranquilizers.


Useable Metals

Customer: “Excuse me, I’m looking for some useless ornamental metal.”

Employee: “Sorry pal, you’re in the wrong place.”


Location Revelation

Comma Girl discovers her place in the world


Numbered UrinalGoing Number Five

I was a little confused about what to do here. After all, I’ve never gone number five before.


The Comma Clan and I will soon be back to full blogging strength in our secret lair deep in the rancid heart of Memphis. Until then, you relax where you are and hopefully I’ll continue not discovering Doctor Harold Tob-

—Transmission ends—–

Big thanks again to Chris Cameron of Angry Seafood for his masterful guest blogging efforts while I’m away.

  1. Caution- The phrase Road to Toboggans may cause Bob Hope to rise from his grave in an undead avenging fury. It might be wise to keep some kosher salt handy, just in case.