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Last weekend I traveled to Chattanooga for the wedding of my most awesome friends, John and Lisa. Accompanying me on this fantastic voyage was my hotness Camille and our other most awesome friends, Ryan Nelson and Stephen Adkisson.

As to be expected on a highly caffeinated cross-state journey, there were a few pit stops along the way.

The following video is an impromptu response to one particular facility in which our team, seeking a restroom, instead found themselves catapulted into a noxious den of reverse-hygiene, more fitting of an outer ring of Hades than an U.S. interstate.

No love for Love’s

Blatant Name Dropping

For those who may wish to corroborate my story or perhaps giggle over internet gossip with actual musicians, feel free to contact Ryan Nelson care of his recent band The American Radio and Stephen Adkisson, who when not gigging with Jeremy Horn or Ken Weatherford can be located right over here.

Then of course, the three of us can be seen in action together in this video from our DVD. (Ryan is the guitar-playing ninja)

One week to go until the wedding, wish us luck…sanity.