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Merry merry Christmas my dearest and most literate readers. On this festive occasion I would like to present each of you with a gift. One that is both thoughtful and elegant; one perfectly suited to reward the patronage of readers such as yourselves who display the taste, refinement, and sheer manual dexterity required to click your way to this my humble site.

Unfortunately, despite his earlier assurances, federal bailout czar Henry “Hank the Bank” Paulson has declined my proposal for a Comma Appreciation Recovery Package or CARP which would have given us each our own troubled financial institution to plunder… restructure. Which of course leaves me with nothing to offer you except my gratitude and goodwill.

Oh– and this video of my band DangerCouch, straight-up rocking the tinsel off one of my favorite holiday songs, captured live from Visible School.1

Keep in mind that that this isn’t just any old regional conglomeration of notes and rhythm to be sneered at, this is genuine Memphis music: arranged, performed, filmed, and at least 10% written2 in a genuine Memphis near you.3

Merry Christmas


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*Sensational Headline courtesy of Herman Fording.

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  1. In the interest of full disclosure I must mention that this performance plus many more are available on the DVD DangerCouch and the Tinsel of Doom (in Dolby 5.1 no less) which you can order at
  2. Five points if you can identify our addition to the rich heritage of this song.
  3. Offer valid only in the continental United States and Canada. Your mileage is just about certain to vary.