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I had thought that this whole flap with Lobo would have blown over by now.

Being romantically linked to a pirate, I thought he would have walked the plank, or had his timbers shivered, or in some other way been thrown off my scent by now.

But no. Having tasted blood, specifically my blood, the wily web wolf refuses to relent.

He has blamed me for his ruined breakfast.


He has designed killer robots at me.

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He has compared my bold and quite public persona to a collection of highly secretive cryptozoological characters.


Clearly he is a madman and he must be stopped. Or at the very least diverted, which is why I am inserting this conveniently placed link to the Smiling Infidel.

Because only someone foolish enough to hate on Huey Lewis would allow themselves to become embroiled in this fiasco.

Happy Monday


Maybe he’ll be distracted by the stragglers from the herd over at