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I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Sarah who is deeply concerned that I may damage the fabric of reality by exceeding my usual 17 post per month limit, but I had serious matters to discuss that wouldn’t share a post with my usual farcical fare.

So I composed this post out of anti-bloggitrons, as a sort of carbon credit for my exceeded quota. This post will actually cancel out my extra post and bring the my new posting balance to seventeen. Just like that time in the early Superman movies, when Christopher Reeve spun the earth backwards and traveled back in time to save Louis Lane.

Okay, it’s actually nothing like that, except for the blue spandex suit I am wearing as I write this.

It‘s a little tight around the middle though, maybe I should have sprung for the Kryptonite girdle.

Apparently saving the world from boredom doesn’t constitute actual exercise.