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I have covered a lot of ground on this blog lately, so I thought I would double back for a bit and follow up on some recent posts, just to makes sure they haven’t developed shin splits or been accosted by marauding Yiddish telemarketers.

Blogging Week

First up is a recent exercise in marathon posting that I descriptively described as Blogging Week. During this momentous event I subjected many unsuspecting netizens to a full five-day span of opinions, rants, and a petrifying overflow of memes.

Marauding Monday ~ the Ominous Comma

Upon further reflection of things said during the excitement of the moment, I have decided that I would like to issue a bit of a retraction.

I see now that I came down rather hard on personal diarists, mommy-bloggers, and other scrapbookers of daily events, implying that those that engage in such shenanigans are somehow bad or inferior to highly-masculine, randomly associating tale-spinners like myself.

So let me just say this:

It’s a big internet out there and you can do whatever you want to on your blog. What is a blog anyway, if not an personal expression of who you are and what you are about. After all, if everyone wrote their blogs like the Ominous Comma, I would have to start a mommy-blog just to differentiate myself. And since I am not endowed by temperament or gender to actually be a mommy, that could be very labor intesnive.

So let’s just leave thing as they are.

Unread Books

I also recently posted about my waning powers of concentration and the growing list of books I was unable to finish. I am proud to announce that since that story originally hit the net, I have completed Walking on Water by Madeleine L’Engle as well as Antisocial Commentary by Diesel.

Walking on Water ~ the Ominous CommaAntisocial Commentary ~ the Ominous Comma

Allow me to demonstrate my recent burst in literacy with the following comparison of those two authors:

  • Madeline writes from a lifetime of experience as a mother, grandmother, and award-winning published author.
  • Diesel writes from a lifetime of being named after a petroleum product.

Despite this handicap of Diesel’s, I found Antisocial Commentary to contain many funny statements and a least one thought provoking one:

“…for me the kiss of death for a humor piece is to start off trying to convince someone of a particular point of view…I don’t mean that humor is an effective way of making a point; I mean that humor is the point.”

To be honest, I don’t know if I agree with the Fossil-Fueled One on this point. For as much as I enjoy entertaining people as a Basically Agenda-less Humorist, I have to wonder if I couldn’t be doing something more beneficial. If I couldn’t somehow improve the world, or make some small difference by bringing some of my personal causes more fully into this, my public platform.

Let the pondering begin.

Jarhead Festival

Most recently, I addressed the roles of alcohol and testosterone in the glorious origins of the Unites States Marine Corps. The tone of that story made me think of one of my Desert Storm buddies that I hadn’t heard from in fifteen years.


Once I finished the post, I googled him thinking we could reminisce over the Marine Corps Birthday weekend. That plan went out the window when I discover that, thanks to a brain tumor, my friend had recently joined Madeleine L’Engle in the prestigious Association of People Tired Of Waiting For Brent to Catch Up.

I never realized how much I had to say until conversing hours were over.

Life is short.

Just one more reason why I will never finish Moby Dick.


Not to leave you on a down note, allow me to grace you with my latest DangerCouch adventure.

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