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In a frantic commenting show of support, the readers of this site have spared the Comma from the ravages of the inspectors. Much like other packs of predators, the inspectors seem to single out the weak and the infirmed for their merciless services to the ecosystem.

Your strong support, loving concern and a very small moose1 have convinced the examiners to push back the review of the Ominous Comma and turn their attentions instead to other, less well-defended sites. In fact, so shaken were these normally fearless inspectors, that even their paperclip-pierced leader, known only as Diesel, hastily fled the country under the guise of a “family vacation.”

Clearly, Comma fans are a force to be reckoned with.2

Unlike the timid readers of other blogs I could mention, Ominous Comma commentors eagerly contribute to the ongoing conversations of this highly conversant site. Absent are the trackbacks and “great post” token sentiments found on other blogs, these people take up the story and make it their own. Unafraid to mold it and mutate it and add their own personal neuroses, these little comma providers often transform “my” posts into such a glorious frenzy of free flowing humor, that if I didn’t carefully monitor the exchange of misinformation, I myself would be lost.3

This is in no way a bad thing.

If you are secretly longing to comment, but don’t know if your contribution is appropriate, just remember this: just like every other area of the Comma, in the comment section creativity trumps accuracy every time. So come on out and comment, we promise not to laugh at you. Actually, we promise not to not-laugh at you.

Let us also take a minute to support Chris C. whose blog Nothing to See Here has been radically accelerated in the review queue, quite possibly taking the place of my own. Frankly, I think that Diesel and his minions have underestimated Chris and his resourcefulness, and by taking him for cannon fodder they have made a grave error.

Good luck Chris, we salute you.4

Remember a couple dozen comments a day keeps the inspectors at bay.


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  1. No, I won’t explain it. You will have read the comments for yourself.
  2. I have my own team of experts analyzing this mysterious Comma Fan Force for possible application as an alternative energy source.
  3. Lost is, of course, a term used by my wife in a futile attempt to get me to pull over and ask for directions. There will be no such show of weakness here, I only use the term out of convenience, so men and women alike will recognized the “temporarily and soon passing spatial disorientation that requires no outside interference” I refer to.
  4. If you have followed the link, you will know by now that Chris C. has already been judged. While some of the critiques were heavy-handed and frankly questionable, they were if fact people’s opinions. What is documented fact is that Chris scored well and held his head high in the face of some rather harsh nitpicking.

    Kudos Chris. You sir, rock with great intensity and severity.