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After a brief summer lull, the Ominous Comma is back in full swing, reinvigorated, re-imagined, and completely restocked with a full compliment of superfluous adjectives. The Comma Comment Community is also once again buzzing and clicking, much like a toaster full of tapioca pudding, randomly erupting in sparks and errant observations.

Which has led me to revisit a question that has long haunted my thoughts.

What is it that inspires a person to contribute to the furious fray of professional humor commenting?

Is it the money? The recognition on the street? The complementary flogging with every submission?

I didn’t really know, but having come perilously close to actual investigation, I fought back violent shudders and proceeded instead to fabricate the following list of highly believable motivations:

  • The commentor was at work, but couldn’t bring himself/herself to the point of actual labor, and so had some time to kill.
  • The commentor wanted to work but was taking a break to give the rest of the workgroup a chance to catch up with him/her.
  • The commentor was unemployed and nothing better to do.1

I was beginning to fear the possible necessity of deep thought, when I unexpectedly received the answer in the form of a comment.

Sally, a relative newcomer to the joys of commenting and still flushed with the excitement of discovery, chimed in to share a totally unexpected side-effect of Comma consumption: increased personal humor.

She writes, “I like this site. My husband says that after a week of reading these posts I am more humorous.”

And so, wasting no time in taking credit for yet another surprising community service, I rapidly procrastinated my response until today:

You have no idea how proud I am to play even the tiniest part in your increased humor potential. In fact, if this blog had a mission statement, in addition to being a long and relatively pointless document, it would certainly include the phrase, “empowering, equipping, and inciting spouses to openly laugh at each other.” Please make use of this absolutely free service with my warmest regards.


And so dear readers, in the unlikely event that you tire of this blog’s other charms, allow me to suggest Relational Laughter.2 This fine service not only opens up relationships for renewed growth in high volume communication and counseling bills, it also provides quality entertainment for everyone in the vicinity.

It is truly a gift that keeps on giving, compliments of your friends at the Comma.


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  1. My bad. That’s why I comment.
  2. In attempting Relational Laughter with your spouse, keep in mind that each relationship is unique, so you will need to experiment with your laughter, targeting your mate at various states of undress to discover what works best.