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Last weekend I was again privileged to speak at Lifelink Memphis and as I often tend to do, I raised some serious questions.

Specifically: “Where did you get this guy?”

“Shouldn’t he be restrained in public?”

And “Just who is the minister here anyway?”

The first two questions have been pondered by institutions far mightier and vindictive than this humble blog, but the third question I’ll refer back to you. Is the answer…

a.) This guy


b.) Your Author disguised as the first guy

Brent Diggs imitates a certain Lifelink pastor


c.) Every last one of these guys

Lifelink Memphis-worship

The answer is of course:

d.) All of the above.

If “of course” is not a phrase you would normally associate with this concept, you may wish to listen to the address which you can do by clicking the speaker thingy below.

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Happy Sunday